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This is a revised edition of the law, prepared by the Law Revision Commissioner under the authority of the Law Revision Act, Chapter 3 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 1980 - 1990.

This edition contains a consolidation of the following laws-                        Page

ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS                                                                                            3
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANIES ACT                                      13

Amendments in force as at 31st December, 2000.





Short Title and Interpretation

1.    Short title.

2.    Interpretation.


Constitution of Companies

3.    Incorporation

4.    Restrictions on incorporation.

5.    Requirements of International Business Companies.

6.    Effect of failure to satisfy requirements of section 5.

7.    Personal liability.

8.    Business objects or purposes.

9.    Powers.

10.   Validity of acts of company.

11.   Name.

12.   Memorandum.

13.   Articles.

14.   Registration.

15.   Certificate of incorporation.

16.   Amendment of Memorandum and Articles.

17.   Copies of Memorandum and Articles to members


Capital and Dividends

18.   Shares to be fully paid.

19.   Kind of consideration for Shares.

20.   Forfeiture of shares.

21.   Amount of consideration for shares.

22.   Fractional shares.

23.   Capital and surplus accounts.

24.   Authorised capital in several currencies.

25.   Dividend of shares.

26.   Increase or reduction of authorised capital.

27.   Division and combination of shares.

28.   Conversion of shares with par value into shares without par value and vice versa.

29.   Character of a share.

30.   Share certificates.

31.   Share register.

32.   Rectification of share register.

33.   Transfer of registered shares.

34.   Transfer of bearer shares.

35.   Seizure.

36.   Acquisition of own shares.

37.   Treasury shares disabled.

38.   Increase or reduction of capital.

39.   Dividends.

40.   Appreciation of assets.

41.   Mortgages and charges of shares.


Registered Office and Agent

42.   Registered office.

43.   Registered agent.

44.   Change of registered office or registered agent.

45.   Register of registered agents.

46.   Penalty for contravention of sections 42 and 43.


Directors, Officers, Agents and Liquidators

47.   Management by directors.

48.   Election, term and removal of directors.

49.   Optional register of directors.

50.   Number of directors.

51.   Powers of directors.

52.   Emoluments of directors.

53.   Committees of directors.

54.   Meetings of directors.

55.   Notice of meetings of directors.

56.   Quorum for meetings of directors.

57.   Consents of directors.

58.   Alternates for directors.

59.   Officers and agents.

60.   Standard of care.

61.   Reliance on records and reports.

62.   Conflicts of interests.

63.   Indemnification

64.   Insurance.


Protection of Members and Creditors

65.   Meetings of members.

66.   Notice of meetings of members.

67.   Quorum for meetings of members.

68.   Voting by members.

69.   Voting trusts.

70.   Consents of members.

71.   Service of notice on members.

72.   Service of process, etc., on company.

73.   Books, records and common seal.

74.   Inspection of books and records.

75.   Contracts generally.

76.   Contracts before incorporation.

77.   Contracts for payment or transfer.

78.   Optional register of mortgages and charges.

79.   Notes and bills of exchange.

80.   Power of attorney.

81.   Authentication or attestation.

82.   Company without members.


Merger, Consolidation, Sale of Assets, Forced Redemptions, Arrangements and Dissenters

83.   Interpretation of words and phrases used in this Part.

84.   Merger and consolidation.

85.   Merger with subsidiary.

86.   Effect of merger or consolidation.

87.   Merger or consolidation with foreign company.

88.   Disposition of assets.

89.   Redemption of minority shares.

90.   Arrangements.

91.   Rights of dissenters.



92.   Continuation.

93.   Provisional registration.

94.   Certificate of continuation.

95.   Effect of continuation.

96.   Continuation under foreign law.


Winding-Up, Dissolution and Striking Off

97.   Compulsory winding-up and dissolution.

98.   Voluntary winding-up and dissolution.

99.   Powers of directors in a winding-up and dissolution.

100.  Duties of liquidator.

101.  Powers of liquidator.

102.  Procedure on winding-up and dissolution.

103.  Rescission of winding-up and dissolution.

104. Winding-up and dissolution of company unable to pay its claims, etc.

105.  Winding-up and dissolution by the court.

106.  Receivers and managers.

107.  Striking off.

108.  Restoration to register.

109.  Effect of striking off.

110.   Appointment of official liquidator.

111.   Dissolution of company struck off.

112.  Security for Registrarís costs.


Fees and Penalties

113.  Fees.

114.   Licence fees.

115.  Penalties to be paid to Registrar.

116.  Recovery of penalties, etc.

117.  Company struck off liable for fees, etc.

118.  Fees, etc., to be paid into Consolidated Revenue Fund.

119.  Fees payable to Registrar.


Public Investment Companies

120.  Definitions and application.

121.  Procedure for registration as a public investment company.

122.  Further exemptions.

123.  Further provisions respecting public investment companies.

124.  PIC Group.

125.  Fiscal unity of a PIC Group.

126.  Employees.

127.  Exchange control.

128.  Register and certificate.

129.  Power to make amendments by regulation.

PART XII Exemptions from Tax

130.  Exemptions from tax, etc.



131.  Appointment of Registrar, etc., and regulations.

132.  Optional registration of registers.

133.  Optional registration of mortgages and charges.

134.  Exchange Control.

135.  Form of certificate.

136.  Certificate of good standing.

137.  Inspection of documents.

138.  Language in documents.

139.  Double taxation agreements.

140.  Jurisdiction.

141.  Declaration by court.

142.  Judge in Chambers.

143.  General penalty, savings and transitional provisions.

144.  Alteration of fees and penalties.

145.  Regulations in general.


Limited Duration Companies

146.  Interpretation of words used in this Part.

147.  Application for registration as a Limited Duration Company.

148.  Registration procedure.

149.  Maximum duration.

150.  Contents of the Articles of Association.

151.  Winding-up.

152.  Cancellation of registration.

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Jurisdictions, etc..
The 20th General Assembly of the Caribbean Organization of Tax Administrators (COTA) met in Belize for a conference held in the end of July. Belize and other 15 Caribbean countries were represented at this 4-day conference.
A cheque for USD 12.5 million was presented by the Ambassador of Taiwan, His Excellency Ting Joseph Shih, to Belizean Prime Minister Barrow.
In the end of June, the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow spoke on behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) at a New York conference on the Caribbean 2008 about the issues of trade and investment.
The BELTRAIDE is sending a delegation to the II SICA-Brazil Business Forum that will be held in San Salvador on May 29.
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left Belize for Taiwan. He will visit Taipei to attend the inauguration of a new President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou.
The National MSME Policy will be presented to Belize's Minister for Economic Development, Commerce and Industry, and Consumer Protection, to make Belize more competitive in the Commonwealth.
Prime Minister Dean Barrow paid several important international visits to Miami. He met with World Bank officials, attended the Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank, and he met with the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) officials.
Moody's Investors Service said that Cayman's maintenance of its favorable government foreign currency bond rating shows the economic resilience of this offshore jurisdiction in the face of uncertainty that surrounds the US economy.

12/04/2008 According to the announcement made by the Government of Belize on April 10, two important Memoranda of Understanding have been recently signed by the jurisdiction.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow returned to Belize from Washington. He met with President Bush, President of the Inter-American Development Bank Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, and Secretary General of the Organization of American States His Excellency Jose Miguel Insulza.
Belize will benefit from an additional allocation of EUR 7.8 million granted by the European Commission as apart of continued support for the improvement and modernization of the jurisdiction's sugar and banana industries from the EU.
The UDP had won general election in Belize, and the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, has made an official announcement of a new cabinet.
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service has announced the launch of Action Plan for the coming year.
A new regulatory body - Belize Land Transportation Authority - has been formed with a view to improve Belize's growing transportation industry.
Three Belizean organizations - the Human Services Department, the National Garifuna Council and the Museum of Belize - received funding from UNESCO.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of Belize and the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America (EEP) will organize the 10th Regional Forum on Renewable Energy that will be held on November 20-22, 2007 in Belize.
MoneyGram International has decided to extend its operations to Belize. To offer an affordable and convenient money transfer service to its customers, the company chose 3 agents - Belize Bank, Omni Networks and Fultec Systems.
According to the announcement made by the Ministry of National Development, the European Commission Delegation in Jamaica has sent the official confirmation that a grant of Euro 11.8 million (BZ$ 32.5 million) will be given to Belize under Envelope "A" of the 10th European Development Fund.
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), the main government agency, has announced that Belize's Investor Manual was launched on July 26, 2007 by the Minister of Finance, National Development and Public Service, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Said Musa and BELTRAIDE.
As far as providing accurate, efficient and trustworthy data on Belize has been one of the crucial objectives of the government of Belize, it needed to launch the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). On July 3, the launch of the Statistical Institute of Belize was announced by the Government.
Belize was visited by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. On June 29, 2007, he went directly from Mexico to San Pedro with a view to attend 2 sub-regional summits.
The President of the United Mexican States, H.E. Mr. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa has been invited to Belize by Prime Minister of Belize, Right Honorable Said Musa. The Mexican President is planning to visit Belize on June 29-30, 2007.
The opening of the newest branch of Scotiabank in Punta Gorda to offer a full range of personal and business banking services to residents of Punta Gorda and the surrounding villages has been recently announced.
Belize has signed Cooperation Agreement with Central American Court. The agreement between the Supreme Court of Belize and the Central American Court of Justice has been signed by Chief Justice of Belize, Abdulai Conteh, and the President of the Central American Court of Justice, Dr. Ricardo Acevedo Peralta.
Fitch Ratings has assigned an "A'" rating to Belize Sovereign Investments III Limited Notes (BSI III). The rating assigned to BSI III notes is substantially supported by the financial strength of the insurance provider and by the default probability of the Belize's government.
The closure of debt exchange has been announced in Belize. The bonds to be issued will replace 98% of Belize's commercial external debt. Under the new plan, Musa expects to save USD 301 million in debt servicing costs.
Minister of Education and Labour Hon. Francis Fonseca announced at a press conference that the minimum wage for agriculture workers will increase by 25% and for shop assistants and domestics by 33%. The changes were announced on January 17 and will take effect on April 1.
In the end of December, an open letter addressed to the international financial community was published by the International Monetary Fund. The IMF has welcomed the progress, which Belize authorities have made.
The Belize Government has launched an offer to exchange the country's outstanding commercial indebtedness in return for new USD bonds that will be issued by Belize.
The Inter-American Development Bank announced that it had approved a USD 25 million fast-disbursing loan for Belize to support its government's agenda of reforms regarding restoring macroeconomic and financial stability, improving its business climate and raising investors' confidence.
Belize will take part in changing Caribbean economy as it will be represented by its Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Said Musa, at an upcoming conference in London called "Transforming the Caribbean Economy - new avenues for investment".
The Government of Belize signed an Association Agreement with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration. The agreement enables Belize to be incorporated to CABEI as a non-founding Beneficiary Member.
The Government of Belize admitted last week that it was close to default and will have to restructure is debt, although a deficit of GDP was reduced from 9% to 3% in just two years. The Prime Minister Said Musa denies the forthcoming devaluation.
The Central Bank of Belize announced that United Exchange International Bank is not licensed to provide banking and financial business in or from within Belize.