Layered Trusts

A series of trusts where the second trust for privacy purposes is the beneficiary of the first one.

Letter Box Company

A company set up in a tax haven to take advantage of tax benefits, with nothing more than a mailing address. Very often incorporation of such a company is estimated as tax evasion, but still it is allowed to function in many tax haven jurisdictions.

Letter of Wishes

Sometimes is named a side letter. A request (or multiple requests) to the trustee having no binding powers over the trustee.


The technology covering all forms of industrial enterprise. It covers the protection of industrial property by patents, trademarks, etc. Tax havens are used frequently for this purpose, as the royalties and other sums of money may be received by the licensing company incorporated in such jurisdiction, thus reducing the total tax burden. Most developed countries have included in the legislation the tax avoidance provisions which limit the use of tax havens for this purpose.

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