Offshore Holding Company

A company organized in a foreign country, having control over one or more affiliate companies, managing, administering or servicing the companies usually located outside the country of incorporation.

Offshore Investment Fund

General term for an investment fund based in an offshore jurisdiction, offering its shares to persons that are not residents of the country in which it is incorporated. Sometimes the funds based outside a particular high-tax jurisdiction are incorrectly named offshore. An offshore investment fund often has the problem that it cannot market into some important high-tax countries, unless its local supervisory and regulatory regime is 'recognised' by high-tax countries as being up to their standards.

Offshore Investor

An investor using a foreign base company in an offshore center and having the possibility to freely move his investments.

Offshore Trading Company

Company organized in a foreign country to buy goods from an exporter in one or more other foreign countries and to sell these goods to importers in another foreign countries. Usually, offshore trading company processes all managerial, administrative and daily financial transactions, and ships the goods from the seller in one country to the buyer in the other country.

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