Any country other than your own.

Offshore Banking

The establishment and operation of the banks in the offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore Banking Unit

A bank in an offshore financial center, which is not allowed to conduct business in the local market but only with other offshore banks or with foreign individuals.

Offshore Center

A financial center used as a foreign base for overseas operations where the investor may freely move in and out his assets.

Offshore Finance Company

Company organized in a foreign country, most frequently in tax haven, and handling wide range of financial services. Usually the offshore finance company is created to handle financing requirements of its parent or related companies, but is used occasionally to provide the financial needs of the parent company's distributors or foreign agents.

Offshore Funds Types

There are even more varieties of offshore funds than of onshore funds in high-tax countries, which are often limited by local regulation to more stable types of investment. There are offshore bond funds, equity funds, sectoral funds, emerging-market funds, money-market funds, hedge funds, property funds, income funds, capital funds, etc.

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