Registered Agent

A registered agent is the person or entity representing an IBC, LLC, a Private Foundation or Corporation in the given jurisdiction. Registered agent usually provides a Registered Office address, communicates with local authorities, receives all the legal and tax documentation and important state notices. Maintaining registered agent is obligatory for all the corporations.

Registered Company

Company registered with the authorities of the country where it is established. In most jurisdictions the company that is not registered has no right to operate.

Registered Office

Registered office is the official address of the registered agent and the place to which authorities, courts, and other institutions send notices, letters and reminders. That is why it must be always the real address for delivering company documents, and it can be situated anywhere in the jurisdiction.It may be the corporate office, or the office of the corporation's attorney.

Resident Company

A company treated as resident by the jurisdiction of incorporation, for the purpose of tax exemption or exchange control.

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