Offshore Tax Haven

Seychelles IBC, by the law, is not subject to any duty or tax on income or profits.

Tax Haven

Usually refers to the jurisdiction with following features:

  1. no relevant taxes
  2. taxation levied only on internal taxable events, or lower tax rates on profits from foreign sources
  3. special tax privileges to some types of taxable persons or events (these privileges may derive from the domestic internal tax system, or from a combination of domestic and treaty provisions.
Tax Holiday

Exemption from taxation for a designated period of time.

Tax Regimen

Local treatment of income taxes, incomes derived from foreign sources, nonresident treatment and special tax concessions.

Tax Treaties

International agreements or conventions having the aim to eliminate double taxation by the contracting states. International double taxation is the imposition of comparable taxes in two (or more) states on the same taxpayer, in respect of the same subject matter and for the same period. Most often double taxation is levied on the exchange of goods and services and on the movement of capital and persons.

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