Type of Investment

By the investment type, offshore funds are classified very much like classical funds. There are many types of offshore funds available, and many of them are very much alike just having different name:

- Capital funds

- Commodities funds

- Convertible Arbitrage funds

- Credit funds

- Currency Trading funds

- Dedicated Short funds

- Distressed Debt funds

- Emerging-market funds

- Equity Market funds

- Event Driven funds

- Feeder funds

- Fixed Income Arbitrage funds

- Fund of funds

- Fund of Hedge Funds

- Future funds

- Global Macro funds

- Hedge funds

- Income funds

- Long Short Equity funds

- Managed Currency funds

- Managed Futures funds

- Money-market funds

- Multi Strategy funds

- Offshore bond funds

- Property funds

- Sectoral funds

- Segregated porfolio of managed accounts

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