Offshore Company formation

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Company Formation

A corporation is an entity recognized by law as a separate "person" with limited liability. A corporation has the option to sell shares, the right to sue and be sued, and can have perpetual existence.

Offshore corporations may be used to own and operate businesses, issue shares, bonds or otherwise raise capital, guarantee obligations, hire employees, buy goods and services, sell goods and services, make contracts, rent office space, maintain checking and saving accounts, and maintain retirement plans for employees. Although most offshore corporations are private and closely held, some are publicly traded on major stock exchanges.

The Articles of Incorporation is the document which establishes the corporation and contains basic information such as the name, share structure, and purpose of the corporation.

The By-laws, or in some jurisdictions "Articles of Association", are rules the corporation creates for its shareholders, officers, and directors. By-laws are adopted by the Board of Directors as one of the first organizational steps in setting up a corporation. Upon instruction, we can adopt a standard set of By-laws for a new corporation. Unlike Articles of Association, By-laws are usually maintained internally but may be publicly filed if requested.

A Registered Agent is required to ensure that the corporation has an assigned legal representative at a known address to receive all service of process (legal notices) on its behalf. The Registered Agent forwards these documents to the address of record of the corporation.

There is a growing interest concerning the use of offshore corporations, banking and money strategies. The reasons are the increasingly litigious nature of our society, an evident decrease of respect for personal property and an ever growing erosion of personal, business and financial privacy.

Structured properly, the utilization of a foreign corporation for your existing business needs can greatly advance your business interests and provide many legal means by which you can reclaim your rights.

In recent years, Caribbean jurisdictions have taken the lead as the most attractive and convenient offshore corporate domiciles. The support of their governments in development and administration provides the international business owner and investor with total cooperation and, in many cases, a very favorable tax climate specifically structured to attract foreign investors.

The advantages of Panama, Gibraltar, Belize, the British Virgin Islands provide for a stable, convenient and discreet domicile to carry out business activity when the use of an offshore tax haven would be beneficial or necessary.

Using our extensive professional contacts on four continents, we are able to set up a company at a competitive price in most Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs) and in most developed countries of the world. We are focusing on some of them after having made careful investigations and choosing the best offshore solutions. Our specialists will help you make the proper choice on where to set up the company.

For most jurisdictions standard Memorandum & Articles of Association are used under which the company has the right to conduct any legal activity in line with current legislation. Company Express Group specialists are ready to meet the requirements of any client with regard to type of activity of the company and to prepare the relevant Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The company can be incorporated under a name previously approved by the Registry. If the company name contains sensitive words that require a license or special permission, our specialists will help you to prepare the appropriate application.

We have a stock of off-the-shelf companies that can be purchased immediately. Off-the-shelf companies are available for cases where it is not a matter of principle to have a particular company name.

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