Administration of Offshore Companies

Almost all classical offshore locations do not require the offshore companies to conduct accounting records, have audits made, issue annual reports or tax their profits by using a percentage rate. The taxation of profits is thus limited to a simple settlement of affordable lump-sum amount, on the basis of which the company will gain a certain tax exception or full tax exemption.

After discussing all the requirements with the client and selecting suitable location it is possible to establish a company in a very short time. If you require an older company, you will be able to choose from the list of pre-registered "shelf" companies ready for use, some of them being several years old.

Like companies registered in a continental jurisdiction, also offshore companies registered in an offshore location must fulfil a number of minimum legislation requirements. In any case they must have a local representative:

  • keep their registered office in the country in question (we provide as a standard)
  • must issue and settle a certain minimum amount of the registered capital
  • must have a shareholder and statutory representative
  • settle the lump-sum tax to the government or the percentage tax on profit or turnover.
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