Registered Capital of the Company

In a number of jurisdictions, the company to be established shall pay up a part or even the entire registered capital. Offshore companies which are established in the countries with Anglo-Saxon law (de facto an overwhelming majority of offshore jurisdictions), are subject to paying up only a very low part of their registered capital, which is very often one dollar only (one share with a face value of one dollar).

The amount of the registered capital may be subject to higher lump-sum taxes which stand for the well-known percentage tax. Thus it is not any problem to establish, in British Virgin Islands, a joint stock company with registered capital of 500 million American dollars (it is possible to pay up only one share at a face value of USD 1,- ) and to act as a major and strong investment or capital company, you will only pay higher lump-sum taxes.

There are, of course, also jurisdictions where it is necessary to pay up a greater part or even the entire registered capital of the company, such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Britain, Hungary or Cyprus.

The registered capital of the company is formed, in a majority of cases by a certain number of shares in a nominal value which expresses the amount of the registered capital. In accordance with your requirements we are able to arrange for everything in such a manner that your offshore company could issue some of the below specified types of shares (this applies in general terms):

  • Priority shares
  • Registered shares
  • Bearer shares
  • Shares with voting rights or without them
  • Shares without a nominal value or with a nominal value
  • employee shares
  • etc.

The type of shares and the amount of the registered capital are an important tool during establishment and formation of an offshore company. That is why it is suitable to discuss these issues with our consultants in advance and to ask about all possibilities.

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