Difference between Registered and Nominee Shareholder

A nominee is a person who is not a real owner or director of the company, but who is appointed by the real owner to act in this capacity. Nominees are widely used by the owners of offshore companies to preserve their identity. By using the Power of Attorney, the nominee director transfers all the powers to manage the business to a person whom the real owner can trust.

A registered shareholder - when the beneficial owner records his/her name on the share certificate and in the Register of Shares as the owner of the allotted shares.

A nominee shareholder - when the beneficial owner chooses not to have his/her name on the share certificate or in the share register; we supply a third party to be the nominee for the real owner. The nominee appears on the certificate and in the register, in return the nominee signs a Declaration of Trust to the beneficial owner giving up any right to exercise any powers over the shares including voting rights or the right to sell or transfer these shares.

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