Selecting Offshore Jurisdiction

An offshore centre or jurisdiction is a location, geographically connected or disconnected to a larger country's mainland, which operates within its own legislation and economic policies as an independent country. Most of the offshore centres offer tax advantages and various legal benefits that may not be applicable in the investors' own country of domicile. These jurisdictions are also known as tax havens, in that they often allow companies and individuals to repatriate their offshore earnings to their own countries, often avoiding any tax liabilities or incurring minor liabilities.

Our company is working with most offshore centres, in order to plan the right offshore structure for the client. There are some jurisdictions we specialize in, these include Seychelles, Gibraltar, Anguilla, BVI and some others, providing the most efficient offshore services to clients. The right jurisdiction must be chosen based on the analysis of particular situation. Our specialists will help you to make the proper choice as to where to set up your company.

In order to select a suitable jurisdiction for your offshore activities, you should take into account the following factors concerning form and objectives of your offshore company:

  • What confidentiality level do you require?
  • Are you going to make use of Double Taxation Treaties?
  • What are the countries where the company will do business?
  • Will the company operate in the business, investment or consulting area?
  • What are the affordable annual costs?
  • Are you planning to issue bearer shares?
  • Are you going to use nominee services?
  • What are your current profits?
  • What is the amount of registered capital and its repayment requirements?
  • What are the optimal terms for establishing a company?

Answering these questions will define the selection of the particular locations and legal forms of the company which are most suitable in your situation. We will also assist you in reducing your tax burden, if possible, even to a zero level.

It is a well-known fact that 2/3 of the world liquid capital comes from offshore locations. Seychelles, Gibraltar, Anguilla, the BVI are home of tens of thousands of offshore companies which need not be visited by their founders for the purpose of the actual establishment and operation either. Everything can be arranged for with the help of your fax or PC from the comfort of your office. We provide complete legal, tax, administration and managarial services.

At present when high-quality communication means are available at all places of our planet (and of course also in offshore locations), you need not have any worries of how to manage an offshore company and bank accounts without any excessive burden of useless bureaucracy.

The choice of a politically and financially more stable country can reduce the risks that individuals and corporations might run in their own country of residence. However, tax advantages usually depend on the legislation of the country of residence of the beneficial owner and requirements in a country where the company carries on its business, so we highly recommend that clients consult with their lawyer and accountant when setting up offshore schemes.

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